11, Jan 2023
ATOR told about the difficulties of obtaining a visa to Cyprus

Experts told what has changed in the rules for obtaining a visa to Cyprus

List of documents for getting a Cypriot national visa in Russia has expanded and the terms of issuance have increased, ATOR reports.

From October Russian applicants for a Cypriot national visa require proof of financial situation. This may be a certificate of employment (with information about salary, duration of employment and position) or another document of financial means. For example, a bank account / debit card statement with the movement of funds for the last three months or the confirmation of sponsorship.

It is compulsory to have a copy of the accommodation voucher provided by the hotel in Cyprus (with all names of applicants, residence address, contact telephone numbers and length of stay). It is also possible to show the original contract to buy property in Cyprus, with a copy or the original ownership certificate, also with a copy.

As mentioned in the explanations of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Moscow the Russian applicants must have return air tickets to Cyprus (and the whole route is confirmed: Russia – third country – Cyprus, Cyprus – third country – Russia). Travel documents are not required only for travelers who own real estate on the island, and for applicants who have an invitation from a close relative residing there.

But, if a Russian citizen goes to Cyprus as a guest, it is required to provide a corresponding invitation with a certified signature of the host and a copy of his passport or ID card. If the invitee is not a Cypriot citizen, he/she must provide proof that he/she is living there legally.

The deadlines for issuing national Cypriot visas have also changed. Now it takes from 3 to 5 working days to process application (it used to be 1 day).

A national Cypriot visa is free for Russian citizens. The Consulate General of Cyprus in St. Petersburg reminded that from July 1, 2022, documents are submitted only on a first-come, first-served basis.

Because of the suspension of direct flights between Russia and Cyprus the consulates of Cyprus no longer issue pro visas to Russians. But the Mediterranean state did not close its borders to tourists.

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