5, Feb 2023
Most EU countries increased exports to Russia in June

Twenty-three EU countries increased exports to Russia in June

Only four countries of 27 members of the European Union reduced export of goods to Russia in June, the rest increased, follows the analysis of national statistical data, compiled by RIA Novosti.

According to the agency’s calculations, Romania (-44%), Belgium (-15%), France (minus six) and Italy (minus one percent) reduced imports of goods to Russia in monthly terms.

At the same time, several EU countries more than doubled their supplies to Russia: these are Sweden (2.6 times), Luxembourg (2.4 times), Greece (2.3 times), Ireland and Croatia (both 2.1 times). Malta had the largest increase in supplies of goods to Russia in June, but their small volumes distort the analysis.

Also a significant increase in exports in June was observed in Hungary (+55%), Denmark (+82%), Latvia (+89%), Poland (+50%) and Portugal (+69%).

Germany (1.2 billion euros), Italy (537 million euros) and Poland (403.4 million euros) exported the most to Russia in June. The fourth place is occupied by the Netherlands with exports of 285 million euros. Finland (242.4 million euros) rounds out the top five.

The least export value to Russia in June was registered in Cyprus (509 thousand euros), Croatia (2.4 million euros), Luxembourg (9.9 million euros). Fourth place was taken by Portugal with 10.8 million euros, fifth place – by Greece with 12.7 million euros.

The EU began imposing sanctions against Moscow after the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, including restricting its exports of various goods. The main restrictions were adopted in the spring, when they banned the import of many types of equipment, technological products and consumer goods worth more than 300 euros.

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