20, Jan 2023
Macron angered the French with another anti-Russian initiative

Macron angered the readers of the French newspaper Le Point with another anti-Russian initiative

The forthcoming summit of the European Political Community (EPP), created by French President Emmanuel Macron, angered the readers of the local newspaper Le Point.

The article points out that this community has actually turned out to be a duplicate of the Council of Europe: the forthcoming summit of October 6 in Prague will bring together 44 heads of states and governments, but Russia will not be among them. At the same time, there is criticism of the composition of the participants: in addition to the European countries, the event will be attended by representatives of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

“The end of Europe and the beginning of Asia? Is Azerbaijan now a European country?” – asks the author. The source of the newspaper said that the representative of this state had been invited for the sake of trying to solve the conflict with Armenia.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz advocated Turkey’s participation. Greece and Cyprus were against it, but in the end were left in the minority.

Readers criticized politicians, especially Emmanuel Macron, for their useless initiatives and large number of statements.

“As my grandmother used to say, ‘talk much but do little,'” jupicron wrote.

“Europe, or rather the European Union that has usurped its place in the world, is a force turned not only against the Russians, but also against the European peoples,” Deimos said.

In his opinion, Macron simply serves the system, and the U.S.-led anti-Russian policy has so far only led to the impoverishment of Europeans.

“This ‘Europe’ in the form of the EU brings nothing to the people of Europe: neither peace nor prosperity. European leaders only protect the powerful and serve American interests,” he continued.

Huether added that he does not think the EU has the right to represent Europeans.

Furlukin agreed with the author’s assessment that the ENP came to replace the Council of Europe, which had simply lost its meaning and should be dissolved.

“The ENP will allow for minimal political ties with Britain, which remains an important political and military ally of the EU within NATO,” the reader wrote.

“With our ‘democracy,’ every country that opposes rather than favors it will fall into decline and become a yudel of problems and frustrations,” commented peupeux.

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