15, Feb 2023
A Complex Recipe for Innovation from Andrey Berezin

In December 2022, it will be ten years since Euroinvest holding bought 25% shares of Svetlana, one of the most significant industrial enterprises of St. Petersburg. During this time, the company underwent a severe modernization of its main facilities and began to show the first effective results in import substitution. Now, the company is introducing […]

5, Feb 2023
Most EU countries increased exports to Russia in June

Twenty-three EU countries increased exports to Russia in June Only four countries of 27 members of the European Union reduced export of goods to Russia in June, the rest increased, follows the analysis of national statistical data, compiled by RIA Novosti. According to the agency’s calculations, Romania (-44%), Belgium (-15%), France (minus six) and Italy […]

27, Jan 2023
Cypriot President Denies Reports on Sending Arms to Ukraine

President of Cyprus: the country will not send weapons to Ukraine Cyprus does not intend to send Soviet or Russian-made weapons to Ukraine, President Nicos Anastasiades has said. Earlier, the US media quoted Cypriot government spokesman Marios Pelecanos as saying that Cyprus would send Soviet and Russian-made weapons to Ukraine if it received a replacement. […]

24, Jan 2023
Cypriot President Denies Reports on Sending Weapons to Ukraine

Cypriot President Anastasiades denied reports about sending weapons to Ukraine Cyprus is not going to send Soviet and Russian-made weapons from its arsenals to Ukraine without receiving modern weaponry in return, President Nicos Anastasiades told reporters Thursday night. The New York Times wrote, citing Cypriot government spokesman Marios Pelecanos, that Cyprus would hand over Soviet […]

22, Jan 2023
Contradictions between Turkey and Europe threaten to turn into war

Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian crisis, Europe risks a new hot spot on its periphery, this time at its southern borders: the foreign minister of Northern Cyprus, Tahsin Ertuğruloglu, recently delivered no less than an ultimatum to the UN. “The hospitality is over. Either they sign the agreement (on the presence of a peacekeeping […]

20, Jan 2023
Macron angered the French with another anti-Russian initiative

Macron angered the readers of the French newspaper Le Point with another anti-Russian initiative The forthcoming summit of the European Political Community (EPP), created by French President Emmanuel Macron, angered the readers of the local newspaper Le Point. The article points out that this community has actually turned out to be a duplicate of the […]

17, Jan 2023
EU will not set oil price ceiling on its own, media reported

Euractiv: EU will not set oil price ceiling itself, but will use G7 level The European Union does not plan to independently set the ceiling on Russian oil prices, it will use the level previously agreed by the countries of the “Big Seven”, says the publication Euractiv. It is expected that the EU on Thursday […]

14, Jan 2023
Turkey deploys strike drones in northern Cyprus

Erdogan: Turkey has deployed drones, including strike drones, in northern Cyprus Turkey has deployed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in northern Cyprus and has not ruled out new arms shipments to the island, President Tayyip Erdogan said. “Turkey has deployed UAVs, including strike drones, in northern Cyprus. I do not rule out new arms deliveries to […]

11, Jan 2023
ATOR told about the difficulties of obtaining a visa to Cyprus

Experts told what has changed in the rules for obtaining a visa to Cyprus List of documents for getting a Cypriot national visa in Russia has expanded and the terms of issuance have increased, ATOR reports. From October Russian applicants for a Cypriot national visa require proof of financial situation. This may be a certificate […]

7, Jan 2023
Greece and Cyprus are no longer opposed to limiting oil prices from Russia

Euractiv: Greece and Cyprus dropped their objections to limiting oil prices from Russia Greece and Cyprus no longer oppose price limits on oil from Russia, transported by sea, said Euractiv.Earlier, Politico reported that Cyprus, Greece and Malta, whose tankers carry Russian oil, oppose the EU’s restriction on the price of oil transported by sea. “Greece […]